Stocking filler Snippet

15 Nov
One for the kids…We all love giving gifts to children, but often – armed with the internet and the argos catalogue – the children in our lives have it pretty much covered as to what they want for their main present from Santa.This is why I love the idea of stockings so much, it is like a little treasure chest of gifts, sweeties and delights. In the quest for a perfect stocking filler I have come across a really simple gift launched this month called Carddies. Aimed at 4-10 year olds Carddies are sets of characters made of high quality card that are ready to be coloured in, given names and played with. The set consists of 12 double-sided card figures, 12 high colouring pencils, 12 stands, and a background.

I have tested out the Caveman set, which is a fun little family with its pets, and I absolutely love the idea, it is artistic and a great colouring-in activity to entertain kids on Christmas day, and then can be played with. The RRP is £8.99 and Carddies are available online from and It is the RRP price that is – I feel – the only drawback. I would happily pay £4.99 for this gift as a stocking filler, but at £8.99 it feels like a lot to pay for cardboard (no matter how sturdy and deluxe it may be!) As this product is so new and only has an online presence, I would like to see if the retail price would drop when it hits the high street.

Verdict: 7/10 for fun and simplicity, 4/10 for value

The Cavemen Set

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