Nights Out

10 Oct

Nights Out: Soho

Do you ever want to leave the old mans pub that you sit in with colleagues and head to a bar where you can actually just dance the night away with no concerns about being chatted up, spending 3 hours getting ready and then feeling pretentious or spending a fortune? Well I am in the search of the perfect after work dancing spot in London.

Club number one: Low Profile night club, Soho.

Ok the first mistake I think was being attracted to this bar solely for its neon lighted entrance. Like moths to a flame we dodged every other club and made a beeline for the pretty lights.

The entance is impressive, and after bartering the door price down from £8 to £4 we felt like a treat was surely in store. The bouncer lady was a little over friendly (after searching my bag and asking me about almost every single product I had inside I was a little near telling her to politely jog on) but this did not put us off.

The music was a little strange, a bit like eclectic electro with a jingly beat(?!) and the drinks were your standard ‘I am a gay bay therefore I sell alcopops and nowt else’ but all in all it had a good vibe. We were initially alarmed at the empty dancefloor, but to our refielf a team of Fresh Prince of Bel Air lookalikes arrived and filled the room. The only problem being, that they danced in a crazed synchrony like some kind of bizarre dance troop. There is nothing more offputting when busting some drunken moves than feeling that you have somehow fallen into an episode of glee…

I would definately go back (on a night with better music) but I certainly have not found my number one dance spot!

The quest continues!

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